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Describe yourself in three words…

It’s always one of those common interview style questions that potential employers like to throw at you!

My answer:

Honest, passionate and determined.

My biggest passions are running, teaching and shopping! I’ve been a city girl for the last 10 years now and live in Manchester with my amazing hubby and puppy Rupert.

I’m pretty new to the world of blogging, but I love words and having been an English teacher for the last 9 years, it seemed like a great way to share my journey and use language (and a few pics) to share the love!

Last Summer, I decided to fully step into the world of social media and share my experience as a runner, living with the incurable degenerative disk disease of the spine. I desperately wanted to help encourage and inspire others living with pain by sharing my honest thoughts and feelings.

In September 2016, I was overwhelmed to have been selected by UK Women’s Health Magazine to be a top 5 finalist in ‘The Body 2016’ competition. Something that was beyond my wildest dreams and although I didn’t win, the support and encouragement that I have received since then, has spurred me on to share tips on running, fitness, nutrition, health and beauty.

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My motto and all time favourite hashtag… #nevergiveup

Would love you to follow my journey to my first marathon!