Shock your system! ‘Ultimate fly bra’ review

Shock your system! ‘Ultimate fly bra’ review

Shock Absorber: ‘Ultimate Fly Bra’ Review

I’m forever on a mission to try the latest running bras, in fact, I’m probably just as obsessed with sports bras as I am with trainers. So when I read that Shock Absorber were releasing their most high performance running bra yet, I jumped at the chance to give it a try. Sports bras are just as important a piece of running kit as trainers. You wouldn’t go running in a pair of flip flops or high heels, as you would risk damaging your feet and legs, same as you wouldn’t go running in your ‘every day bra’ for risk of damaging your boobs.


The top 3 things I look for in a running bra:


I’m 34 years of age and let’s face it ladies, gravity is not on my side, especially when I run on average 40-50 miles a week.

The number one thing that I look for in a bra is support. As a 34C, I need real firm support and if there is even the tiniest bit of bounce, then I won’t buy the bra. What intrigued me about this bra was the latest patented ‘laser cutting, bonding and moulding’ technology claiming to offer ‘unmatched support’. Quite a claim to make given the number of bras out there in the market place. However, through incredibly rigorous testing, that included running the Shrewsbury Half Marathon in 33 degree heat, the claim is true to form.

The fact that this bra has double back adjustment makes it incredibly supportive without crushing your chest or restricting airflow and the non-slip straps ensure that you are not constantly having to tug yourself up!


Many miles spent on the road mean many miles of shaking the boobs up and down and potential ligament damage. There are no muscles in the breasts and the only supporting structures are the skin and the Cooper’s ligaments, which are thin paper-like tissues that weave throughout the breast and attach to the chest wall. Sagging and discomfort occurs when these ligaments are overstretched and this is more likely to be increased, the more high impact exercise that you do. Personally, I don’t want to have to decrease my running because my boobs hurt and luckily Shock Absorber more than cater for this in the design of their ‘Ultimate Fly Bra.’

The moisture wicking fabric also provides comfort and even in the 38 degree heat of running in Croatia, I didn’t feel chaffing or discomfort, only that second skin sensation.



Style over sustenance or sustenance over style? With this bra, you really can have both! The combination of grey and neon lime ensure that you certainly won’t be missed on your runs and come on, it’s gotta look good on Insta! The bra has been carefully cut to flatter the back and to give that sculptured look.


If you want to get your hands on this bra, then head on over to Debenhams and run in style and comfort!

Any questions at all, just shout and don’t forget to #shockyoursystem!

Caithy x



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