A sneak peek behind the scenes before tomorrow’s Manchester Marathon 2017

A sneak peek behind the scenes before tomorrow’s Manchester Marathon 2017

Turning can’ts into cans and ideas into plans…

Tonight, I should be carb-loading, stretching and mentally preparing for what would have been my first ever marathon. The 2017 Manchester Marathon. However, after my hamstring tear 2 months ago, it wasn’t meant to be. I documented my emotions and feelings on this in the earlier post Suffering setbacks . Although I managed to run the the Asics Oulton Park Half Marathon 5 weeks ago http://www.xtramileevents.com/events/oulton-park-half-marathon-10k my confidence; lack of training and advice from the spinal team meant I wouldn’t have been ready for tomorrow!



Developing positives from negatives…

One of the best things to have developed from January’s setbacks, was meeting Becks (Rebecca Richardson) MD of Breathe Unity PR and her team. All I can say is wow! Another example of how amazing the running community really is. Not only have Breathe Unity PR written a lovely account of #myreasontorun http://breatheunity.com/unity-zone/running-saved-caithy-walker Becks also went out of her way to organise for me to join the team to help tomorrow! In the athletes’ tent looking after the elites and I can’t quite believe it!

After a little trip to the team briefing this afternoon, I am ready to do this. What I love most about the sport of running? Absolutely ‘no airs and graces’ just REAL people, who share a common passion. I’ve done a little dress rehearsal in the Asics official event team kit and I’m feeling super excited about tomorrow!


Well, since it’s a 3.30am wake-up call for me, I’ll sign off, but stay tuned on my Insta story http://www.instagram.com/caithywalker and Snapchat @caithywalker for behind the scenes coverage of one of the flattest marathon courses in the UK.


The very best of luck #runfam!

Caithy x

PS Delighted to have been awarded Enertor Ambassador of the month this month (more to come of that in my next blog post). http://www.enertor.com if you want to test these amazing insoles for yourself (use code CAITHY10 for £10 off).


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