#The runner’s race kit

#The runner’s race kit


Big day tomorrow! Back to run the Cheshire 10k for the 3rd time in less than 12 months. It’s still the course that has my PB and there are many reasons why I adore this race. I was raised in Cheshire and it has many fond memories and in my last post, I shared why it was the race that changed my life forever.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but was dying to share my race kit with you!

3rd race of 2017!

I’ll be wearing…

This will be my 3rd race of 2017 and the third time of running in the incredible workout kit from https://acaiactivewear.com it is by far, some of the most flattering workout gear I’ve ever run in and the compression leggings are my faves. Supportive, flattering and fashionable!

I can’t run without…

My Enertor insoles http://www.enertor.com/home-uk. I’ve run religiously with these insoles in my trainers for the last 6 months. They have changed my running life. They reduce the pain drastically in my spine due to the unique technology in the heels of the soles. Worn and endorsed by the one and only Usain himself. I’ll forever feel honoured to be part of  #TeamEnertor. Caithy10 for £10 off if you fancy trying them.

Every day I take…

A CurraNZ a day keep the doc away, not just any current though, blackcurrants to help pain and reduce DOMS. Check out Top tips for repair and recovery from injury for more reasons why I take these supplements daily!

Keeping track of time…

Special thanks to TomTomSports for sending me the RUNNER 3 to try! I’ll be avidly watching to see if it brings a new PB! Stay tuned!

Finally, I’ll be listening to…

House Heaven through Deezer! I like to pretend that I’m partying and dancing during my races haha! Show the feet the beat!

Shout out to anyone racing or just running this weekend.

Have fun in the sun.

Caithy x



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