Post race routine!

Post race routine!

What do you do post race?

So you’ve run your very first race, or maybe your 100th race. You feel amazing. Every endorphin in your body is flowing and creating that euphoric feeling! You’ve done it! Then what…?


It’s all too easy to get caught up in that moment: you get your post race protein snack, bottle of water and then jump on to social media to share your fabulous news with everyone! What about your poor body? It has just endured some pretty intense cardio right? Post race routine is just as important as pre-race and here’s why:

  • It prevents injury ~10k is not a marathon distance, but your body has still been put under pressure and recovery starts immediately. Don’t sit down as tempting as that might be!
  • Perfect the stretch. Don’t worry about looking silly- your body will thank you, trust me. Sometimes I find a hip height step and really stretch the hamstrings and touch my toes.
  • Buy a resistance band! After my hamstring tear 6 weeks ago, I bought one of these and it’s a fab piece of kit. I now use this pre and post run and can’t recommend the benefits enough. It aids stretching no end.
  • It sounds a little crazy, but try a gentle jog. It  will really help flush the legs and get any lactic acid moving and stop it pooling in your legs (causing horrid DOMS the next day). It doesn’t have to be fast, just getting the legs moving quicker than a walk will be sufficient. 
  • Take an epsom salt bath! At some point in the day (I normally wait until the evening) add some epsom salts to a warm bath and rest those weary muscles! I stock up on mine from B & M for £1.99! They are amazing!

Jump into bed and hang that medal where you can look at it every day and remind yourself how awesome your body is!


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