From beginner to winner (well almost) and the Heaton Park 10k!

From beginner to winner (well almost) and the Heaton Park 10k!

A huge happy Sunday to you all and as a new week approaches, I thought I would quickly write a few lines to share some motivation and sprinkle positivity (and also keep this short and sweet as I’m not great at that)!

Mind Matters!

Four years ago, I was told that I would never run again following a diagnosis of chronic degenerative disk disease in my spine. I wasn’t a runner at this point (I worked out at the gym and did may be a few KM’s on the old treadmill, but that was about it). As you can imagine, the devastating emotions were overwhelming, particularly when the Neurosurgeon told me that I shouldn’t even carry my handbag or take the wheely bins out!

In my eyes, I had 2 choices: give in or get up! I decided the latter would be a better path to follow. Has it been easy? Absolutely not. There have been so many mental and physical setbacks along the way: death; divorce; depression, but, I’ve always been determined to never give up. 11 months ago, I ran my first ever 10K race- the Cheshire 10k organised by It was a run that changed my life forever. I had trained long and hard for 2 years to reach this point. I never could have imagined that I would run 6 miles without stopping and certainly never thought I could do it in 44.09 minutes! It still remains my 10k PB, until hopefully 26th March when I’ll do the same course again!

Did I catch the bug? I certainly did! Since that day, I have run a number or 10K races and also 2 half marathons. Today, I ran my 1st 10k race of 2017 organised by RunThrough UK in my favourite place- Heaton Park. I train almost daily in this park and adore the place, so I was gutted when I found there were no places left. I had had to delay my entry due to my hamstring tear 6 weeks ago and then the event had filled up quickly.But, these guys saved the day when I cheekily rocked up this morning and asked if there were any runners who couldn’t make it!


Race review:

This race was really well organised from parking, to collecting race numbers, to the seriously enthusiastic marshalls who offered motivation every bit of the way. It was very muddy as the park had flooded earlier this week, but that wasn’t to put us runners off! I’ve got to say that I struggled with the actual course. There were a number of steep hills to contend with, so if you prefer flat courses, this may not be for you. There was a great atmosphere though and if you are a runner perhaps doing your first or second race, then this would be perfect. Just perhaps not for anyone looking for a PB! I came in at 46.21, but finished 3rd female out of 207 and overall position of 35/385 runners!


Easy wins if you begin:

  1. Train your brain. Running is not easy. Start by walking 30 seconds, running 30 seconds. Every 2 minutes build it up.
  2. Stop only when it really hurts, not when you just feel that you are out of breath. If you can train your brain to push your body through, it will happen.
  3. Choose a running route that you enjoy. Personally, I’m not a huge treadmill fan, as I like to feel the air and see nature on my runs. It will motivate you more if you find a course that you love.
  4. Choose the right kit. It’s true that running can be one of the cheapest ways to exercise, however, it is crucial to run in the correct shoes. I mostly run in Adidas Ultra boost (, as they provide the most cushioning and absorb heavy impact. I also run with Enertor insoles in my trainers. These are a must for any runner, particularly those who have previous injuries or weaknesses in the body. They are worn and endorsed by Mr Usain Bolt himself and they REALLY DO WORK. Get your pair from 👉🏻 they are scientifically proven to improve performance and they absolutely do! Use code CAITHY10 if you want to try them for just £19.99.
  5. Count your steps, not your distance or time, to start with. Confidence building is key and personally, I believe this can only be done when you don’t put yourself under to0 much pressure. Don’t compare yourself to anyone!
  6. Choose some good tunes, switch your mind off, breath in the air and try and enjoy every step. Practice makes perfect and when you learn to love something, you will excel in it!


A big thanks again to RunThroughUk and also to Acai Activewear for another amazing pair of leggings! I finally got to race in the red pair. I adore the Acai collection- sneak a peek here 👉🏻


You can do this if you want it enough and it will change your life!

As Michael Jordan said “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying”!

Have an amazing week and never give up turning those dreams into a reality!


Caithy x


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