Asics Oulton Park Half Marathon

Asics Oulton Park Half Marathon

“Don’t tell people your dreams, show them!”

Five weeks ago, my marathon dream came to an abrupt halt, or so I thought…

Wednesday 18th January (and just 2 days after burying my Grandad) I felt a searing pain in my left hamstring and immediately knew something wasn’t right. Physio confirmed I had a hamstring tear and other than stretching, the only way to recover was to rest. For someone who has run almost every day for the last 2 years, I was consumed by what I could only describe as grief! Like a bad break up with an ex I guess!

Fast forward 4 weeks and I was amazed to be out running a slow 5k and then again the following day!

How is this even possible I asked myself?

Then I remembered…


Blackcurrants blackcurrants blackcurrants baby!

Over the past 5 months, I have documented on social media and through a couple of vblog posts, the many benefits that I have found from taking CurraNZ supplements daily. However, no result has been quite as astounding as the most recent one! Yesterday, after 4 weeks of no running and only one week of training, I managed to run my second half marathon.  I put this down to the accelerated healing from using CurraNZ, which increases blood flow by 20% and aids healing. At 1.49, it was never going to be a PB, but it was more about finishing lines, not finishing times! I am accrediting this rapid recovery to these supplements as they help to increase the blood flow, pushing more nutrients to the blood cells, resulting in much faster repair of the muscles.

Why CurraNZ?

  • Rich in health-promoting compounds called anthocyanins, New Zealand blackcurrants are prized because of their nutritional properties and density over most common berries.
  • One of the main active ingredients in CurraNZ, anthocyanins, are ‘superfood’ plant pigments that offer broad-spectrum health benefits, such as natural anti-inflammatories and anti-microbial and anti-viral properties that help to protect the immune system. They really help to ward off nasty coughs and colds by boostinh the immune system!
  • Blackcurrant anthocyanins may help prevent disease and support brain, heart, gut and eye health, as well as boosting energy and wellbeing.
  • Not only do they reduce the DOMS the next day (allowing you to continue to train) but I have personally found them to decrease injury recovery time by at least 2 weeks.

I honestly never imagined that this time 5 weeks ago, I would be sitting here writing a post having competed my second half marathon and all I can say is at £19.99 a bottle, they are worth trying for yourself. Have a little look 👉🏼

I recommended these to my #runfam running extraordinaire friend Garry @SuperBlue623 a while ago and as he is a long distance runner and training for his first Ultra marathon. He said they had helped protect him from any colds and infection, until he ran out this week and then was struck down!

‘Garry the gif’ as I have named him (for his ability to make me truly chuckle with his choice of gif’s), is a true inspiration and genuine gent. We were brought together through the power of Twitter and Uk running @UkRunning1 He ran the whole way round with me and we loved every step!

Even the howling winds couldn’t deter our smiles when we crossed the finishing line!


This is turning into one of those really long blogs that I know people get bored of reading, so I’ll leave it there for now and update more soon!

Thanks to @GreatTriathlons and @ASICSUK for organising such an enjoyable event.  I will truly treasure these memories as a comeback from a setback!

Take care and have a great week.

Caithy xx

PS I am loving the new bling of 2017!!!


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