Road running in the Brooks Ravenna 8s

IMG_1645.JPGDo you overpronate when running? Then this could be the shoe for you!

I was delighted when the team at ProDirect Running asked me to join forces with them to put these bad boys to the test! I couldn’t wait to try these out and they didn’t fail to disappoint. I’ve completed 6 runs in my Brooks Ravenna 8s so far, covering in total 27 miles on the road. Two of the runs were slow 3 mile recovery runs, following 4 weeks out due to a nasty hamstring tear.

My first impression was wow, these are bright. The colour combination is certainly zingy and stands out. You wouldn’t be missed on night time runs, that’s for sure!

After the colour, the first thing that struck me when I took them from the box, was how incredibly lightweight they are.

What’s the fit like?

I really liked the fit of these trainers. It’s always difficult to gauge sizes in trainers, however, a six 6 fitted perfectly. I’ve got to say, fit-wise these are probably the best fitting pair of running shoes I’ve ever had.

How did they feel when running?

They were incredibly comfortable and springy. I felt nimble when running in these. I felt like I could run faster than normal in them due to the fact that they are so lightweight, but without compromising the support of the feet and ankles. As a runner living with pretty severe degenerative disk disease in my spine, supportive trainers are crucial and I have put many a pair to the test over the past 3 years! These shoes offer real support for overpronators (those whose feet roll too far inwards when they strike the ground) due to the springy technology and smooth heel-to-toe transition.

They felt great to run in and what surprised me the most, was that I had no pain (from the very recent hamstring injury) during any of the runs.

In the past, I have had trouble breaking trainers in resulting in many a blisters, but these felt like slippers from the word go!

I was a little worried about the grip before I ran in them as my last pair of Brooks didn’t grip the slippy roads particularly well. However, despite the mizzly Manchester weather, there was no issue with grip and my feet felt safe and secure.

With marathon season training in full swing, I can highly recommend these and will be running a few races in them over the coming months.

As I’m sure any experienced runner will tell you, it isn’t worth compromising on trainers and at £115, these are worth every penny.

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Run happy and treat your feet!

Caithy x



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