Top tips for repair and recovery from injury

Top tips for repair and recovery from injury

Happy Tuesday!

I was going to write a long piece about the struggles of living with depression and anxiety, but instead I’ve decided to keep this lighthearted and share some of my top running recovery tips.

Over the past month, I have shared my frustrating injury journey via my social media channels. I know a torn hamstring isn’t a major injury and generally has a recovery time of 4-6 weeks, however for me, the fact that I was unable to run at all, had quite a major impact on my mind and having to pull out of the Manchester marathon in April was a devastating blow.

What I’ve been using to recover:

I took the advice of the specialists and ‘rest is best’ as they say, but speeding up the recovery time meant everything to me and below I’ll share some of the ways I did this:

  1. I was lucky enough to be sent some HMB supplements thanks to Healthspan Elite  @HSElite. This specialist supplement aids the recovery of athletes and contains leucine used by the body to build and repair muscle tissue. It prevents the muscles from breaking down during periods of inactivity and is now also becoming very popular in the world of sports. I’ve been using it for over a week and I’m certainly accrediting part of my quick return to this supplement. Whilst I’m slowly returning to training, I’ll continue to take this and keep you updated on its effects.hse-hmb-1g-hr-short-aug16
  2. Organic whey protein from @theorganicproteinco. My diet and nutrition slipped massively the last few weeks as I couldn’t be bothered to cook or eat properly. This protein tastes great, is organic and has got me excited about nutrition again! over the next week, I’m planning a little ‘bake off’ with some fruity protein flapjacks!
  3. I’ve documented the amazing effects of @enertorglobal insoles on many occasions over the past 5 months and really can’t recommend them enough. The unique technology in the heels aid recovery by absorbing the harsh impact from stride action. For anyone who would like to try them, use my code CAITHY10 at and get your pair for just £20. Combined with the @adidasrunning Ultraboost the cushioning is sure helping to ease the pain and during my 2 6 mile runs over the weekend, I felt no hamstring pain.
  4. Epsom bath salts to soak the aching muscles! These have been a God-send for evening baths and were only £2 from B&M! Bargain of the year!
  5.  An amazing tip from my friend @chloe_runs on the use of castor oil. A fellow pain-suffering runner, Chloe recommended trying castor oil packs on the hamstring injury. I genuinely think it helped work miracles on my muscles. What does it do? In short, it generally boosts the body’s defense statues since lymphocytes defend them by forming antibodies against pathogens and their toxins. T-cells identify and kill viruses, fungi, bacteria and cancer cells. Castor oil packs have been found to increase the healing of sustained injuries where the skin is not broken.  How does it work? Warm up the castor oil and soak a flannel in it then put on affected area alongside a hot water bottle. Do this for at least 3 days. Be careful though to read more on castor oil as it has powerful effects and isn’t for everyone.


What I’ve been wearing this week

Finally, I’ve been waiting to put some new active wear kit through its paces and it has cheered me up no end. I’ve been privileged enough to have been asked by the amazing founders (Kasia and Joe Bromley) behind the latest Athleisure clothing collection ‘AcaiActivewear’ to be a brand ambassador.

I’m totally in love with the leggings, in fact, I’m in love with the whole collection! Until wearing AcaiActivewear, the only leggings I felt truly comfortable in were the Underarmour compression leggings. However, Acai’s leggings are far superior to any others. The compression material moulds to the body, keeps everything in shape, looks amazing and keeps me warm! Every day has been like Christmas: a new day, a new outfit. Below is the Nicki print collection and these colours are my favourite. Wearing this made me good and I actually spent all weekend in the outfits as they were so comfy.


Check out the website for their extensive collection

Below- red compression leggings, also available in black.


What’s really special about this brand?

The ethos: Aspire. Aim. Achieve. Kasia and Joe are creating an amazing community of women to help inspire and empower other women and share the trials, tribulations and fitness journeys, through a beautiful and practical clothing range. I’ll be bringing you lots more on this over the coming months. In the meantime, watch the collection hit the stores including House of Fraser next week!

Well, signing off now…

Have a great week and #nevergiveup.




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